Editorial team information

Editorial Board structure:

The Editorial Board of the Mymensingh Live Online comprise of Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board members. Editor-in-Chief remains the chairperson of the board, hence allowed to take the final decision in any regard.

The formation of the Editorial Board is done through incorporating global experts with excellent academic track record and expertise in the respective journal subject. There is no restriction in the number of the Editorial Board members. Editorial board members must qualify the following major facts:

Should a Post Graduation degree in the relevant subject.
Must have good publication record.
Should hold some academic position in Universities, Research Institutes or other such organizations.

Mymensingh Live Editorial team information:

Mymensingh Live Editor-in-Chief: Md. Abdul Kaium

You can read more about their backgrounds here.

Registered office: Doulat Munshi By lean, Sadar, Mymensingh-2200

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